Milo Launches India’s First Private Social Network for Gated Communities

April, 2019 - Milo (, India’s first private social network for gated communities, announced today the availability of its free platform, specifically designed to foster communication and relationships between residents. Starting today, communities across the country can take advantage of this service.

If you currently live in a gated community, you can create a community space on Milo and add other residents to it. It’s a great place to ask questions, get recommendations, learn skills and buy or sell things. With over 30 interests, you can find people in the community who are interested in the same things as you. Topics of discussion are as varied as restaurant recommendations, movie discussions, plumber and cook recommendations, recent crime activity, or even lost pets.

“We live in a hyper-connected world, probably more connected than ever before. In an era where we know what our favorite celebrity is wearing for dinner tonight, where we are perennially talking to friends who are spread across the world, yet we don’t know who lives right next door.”, said Natarajan HK, Co-founder of Milo. “Great things can happen when people in a community come together. Milo was created to make this happen”

Milo is specifically designed to make people in a community feel comfortable to share things with each other and get to know each other better. Only verified members can be part of the community. As the social network is private, only members of the community will be able to see what is shared within the community.

One of the features of Milo which is new and definitely stands out is the “Shake-to-Meet” feature. If you find yourself with free time, just shake your phone and it will instantly connect you with someone in the community who is also free and happens to share your interests. The ease of letting your community know you are up for something has helped a lot of members discover and meet each other.

Milo recently completed a successful pilot program where members in over 25 gated communities across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad launched Milo. While communities have been using various apps for smooth administration and easy transactions, none of them have helped them connect with each other. Glynk’s pilot program clearly proved how residents can use Milo to bring a sense of community to their neighborhood.

Prabhu Konchada, Milo member in Chandanagar, Hyderabad “I love playing Cricket. But it was very tough to find others with a similar interest in my previous apartment. Since I moved here, Milo has helped me connect with Cricket enthusiasts in the community. It also tells me when someone is free to meet”

Deepika Shenoy, Milo member in Cox Town, Bengaluru “Since Milo, we finally feel like a community. I had been staying in this gated community for over 2 years but I didn’t know more than 5 people. Faces were familiar but I didn’t really know anybody. I have been very interested in Baking and only recently discovered that our community has a lot of Baking enthusiasts too. Thanks to Milo, we now Bake something new every week!”

Those interested in launching Milo in their community can visit and enter their details. If Milo is already LIVE in their community, they can immediately join. If a community space has not yet been established for their community, they can reach out to us through the website and we will help them launch it for their community.