You matter. Your tastes matter
Glynk is built for people like you
Glynk is your like-minded network where you connect with people like you, the people who love what you love, who like to do the things you like.

These are people you should know!
Seriously, share anything you love here
A movie that you really liked, a song that you are listening to on repeat, a celebrity look that you really liked, a book that you can't get your head off, an experience that you want to relive - just share anything
Instantly get recommendations from like-minded
Which movie should I watch next? Where can I find the best burgers? What should I be doing on my holidays in Thailand? Which dress should I wear for the party? Which Netflix series should I start next? Things that put you in a dilemma often? Just ask!
Meeting new people near you in real life is simplified
Want to play a game of Football over the weekend? Want to badly headout for that one drink? Don't want to go shopping alone? Try out all the joints in the Food Street, maybe?

Easily create a quick meetup, plan on a group chat and meet offline for real!
A lot more can happen over chat
Discover interesting people near you on Glynk everyday. Just hit them up with a chat request and brew new, meaningful friendships!
Girls! This is as safe as it gets
You are in complete control. Decide who can chat with you and who can join you in your activities.
With specially designed privacy features for girls, Glynk is now the safest app on the store
today with more than 99.6% authentic profiles.
Beautiful concept
I really like it! Also it allows you to connect with people that share your interests. Nice app.
Abbie Ruperto
Pretty addictive!
Damn fun to use! Really pretty UI and well-built app. Good job!
Meghna Natraj
The coolest app I know
Concept is so cool. I’d love to add a lot more people on Glynk.
        Joe Gomez
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