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Apna complex

Apna Complex is one of the top 3 apartment management apps of India, with more than 500,000 homes across 83 cities. With Glynk’s community features, we have enabled a powerful set of intra-apartment community interactions to make communication between residents, committee members, and staff an absolutely seamless and hassle-free experience.

Lokal App
Mo School


more communities with over 1m monthly active members .

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Driving growth across communities

Accelerated resolution on customer queries and issues

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2x increase in positive reactions and engagement

50% increase in NPS scores

35% increase in customer retention

Easier customer acquisition through a compelling online presence.

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Member-to-member interactions are at the heart of the app that will drive a sense of belonging and community living among all your members. New members are most likely to make connections based on common interests and background within a few hours of moving in. We also provide the necessary tools for members to raise helpdesk tickets and make payments.


Create virtual memberships for your customers and empower them to network easily. The app comes with ice-breakers and nudges to ensure everyone in your space is conversing, contributing and collaborating in some way. We also make it easy for them to book meeting rooms, raise tickets, complete payments and earn credits.


Leverage the power of your alumni community by seamlessly bringing them together through a new-age mobile app. Members get automatically added to the relevant groups based on their batch, course and profession. They can offer career advice to current students and also find relevant jobs through this powerful network easily.


Create a private community based on a profession or a specific interest area. Share unique invite codes with people who meet the criteria to join the community. Using advanced moderation tools, AMAs and online meetups, ensure the community provides value to all members at all times.


Drive context based discussions around your products via group chats and deliver a better buying experience to your customers. Customers highly value the opinions of other customers and by allowing them to interact with each other, you are building trust in your brand and increasing loyalty.


Teachers can share course material, announcements, worksheets, exam results on the platform. Students get access to an online platform with teachers and other students to connect with. They can share their queries and get answers real-time. Doubt sessions and one-on-ones are easy to plan.


Provide access to important healthcare advice irrespective of patient location through your own community healthcare app. Achieve better patient-care outcomes by enabling interactions over forums and in-app messaging with health experts and doctors. Provide a caring community of doctors, health experts and fellow patients for support.